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Optimize Your Space by Making Use of Temporary Fence Services

Temporary Fencing Common Uses and Benefits

Fences make excellent work with the delimitation of spaces and maintaining their security. However, a permanent fence may not be the most optimal choice since the limit of the space should be kept just for a short or medium period. In that case, provisional fencing solutions may be more accurate. These are some of the most common temporary fence uses and their benefits.

Protect Fresh Pavement or Concrete

When broad areas of terrain are being paved, it is always a good idea to restrict people’s and machines’ contact with the surface so it can dry properly and without any marks. Temporary fencing can help you keep away intruders from the freshly applied concrete or pavement and it will also be of great use when it’s time for striping or adding any paint. Plus, if you have any equipment that is being used on the construction site, you will be able to keep it there thanks to the security provided by the fence.

Delimitate Risk Areas

A temporary fence can be your greatest ally in long-term construction projects where potentially dangerous materials or areas are continuously exposed. For example, if you are doing profound excavation, the hole in the ground may be there for weeks or even for months, and it represents a high risk for those passing by. Fencing the area around the excavation will limit people’s access to it and will be visible even at night, so it will reduce the risk of an accident.

Safeguard Ongoing Landscape Projects

Provisional fences are common in construction sites but that is not the only field where they are useful. Landscaping projects can also benefit from the security provided by a fence. Newly planted flowers, trees, and other plants need some time to adapt to their new environment and to grow strong roots. In the meantime, they are vulnerable to the attacks of humans and animals alike, who may step on them or hurt them without even knowing it. A provisional fence differentiates the walkable areas from the protected ones and can be removed once the landscaping project is over, so it won’t affect its appearance.

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